Remarkable Year-On-Year Revenue Growth
at Right Choice Capital

Remarkable Year-On-Year

Revenue Growth


Right Choice Capital

Right Choice Capital is announcing an extraordinary achievement with a year-on- year revenue surging over 100%.


April 09, 2024, Singapore - Right Choice Capital Group (RCC) announces an exceptional revenue result. Its latest fiscal year ended on 31 March, and year-on-year revenue has surged over 100%. This top-line revenue growth has been achieved whilst still maintaining and improving its EBITDA and Net Income.
This result was driven by the continuing steady growth of its business units Right Choice Finance Corp and the Rural Bank of San Luis - and in particular, by the exceptional performance of two of its new flagship divisions: Right Choice Kapital and RCC-Tech.
The solid business growth underscores the group’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and delivering value to its customers and stakeholders. It attributes this success to several key factors:
Right Choice Kapital’s Portfolio Growth

Over the last year, its SME lending division in Singapore has experienced great success, with increased borrower demand, and solid growth, surpassing expectations and making a significant impact on the local small business lending landscape. Its tailored lending solutions, speed and efficiency, and strong customer support have helped established a great reputation in the market. RCC has achieved this by utilizing its well-performing underwriting and risk management standards from its Philippines' finance corporation, in order to ensure sustainable lending business performance. Through prudent loan underwriting and portfolio management, it has generated solid and substantial returns.

RCC-Tech’s SAAS Platforms Resonate with Customers

RCC-Tech, the group’s now stand-alone technology division, has had a strong first full year of operations, providing market-leading solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of its client companies. Its innovative platforms have not only enhanced operational efficiency internally and for its clients, but have also enabled it to deliver superior service and drive revenue growth.

Company Comments

The group’s CEO and Founder (Kodi Kodrowski) commented that:

“As we celebrate these solid revenue growth achievements, we are more energized than ever to continue pushing boundaries, pursuing innovation, and creating value for our stakeholders. Together, we will build on this strong momentum to continue our path of sustained growth and success for Right Choice Capital, and for its investment supporters.

This outstanding result creates more investment opportunity for both existing investors, and for incoming investors.”

ABOUT THE COMPANY – Diversified FinServices & Banking Group

Founded in 2016, Right Choice Capital now has a solid 8-year track record of business growth. It has been a trailblazer in Financial Services, evolving to meet the changing needs of its client base. From humble beginnings, it has been growing steadily to become a more substantial player in Southeast Asia, offering a diversified suite of Financial Services including SME and Consumer Lending, Remittances, Payments, Wallets, and moving towards Digital Banking.

Right Choice Capital has been steadily expanding its reach in both Singapore and Philippines – solidifying its position in the Financial Services space, establishing strong partnerships, cultivating a loyal customer base in these thriving markets, and continually providing solid returns to its investor base.

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RCC has a solid investment track record with its loyal investor base globally, and has made on-time investor payments of $18M (interest and principal) to Private Debt investors. In order to support and accelerate its solid growth, RCC continues to offer fixed term, attractive fixed yield investment opportunities with quarterly returns.

The company is also offering Equity Investment opportunities as part of its current $20M Series A Funding round.

The company’s investment program is managed and supported by Ventures International Group in Singapore (contact: Olavs Ritenis, CEO: [email protected]; +65 9339 4536 WhatsApp).

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Luisita Reynoso                                       +65 9362 0193     

PR & Investor’s Relations                               [email protected]             


Ventures International Group                           +65 9339 4536 (WhatsApp)             

(Singapore) – Olavs Ritenis                              [email protected]



PR & Investor's Relations

Name: Luisita Reynoso

Contact No: +65 9362 0193

Email: [email protected]


Ventures International Group

Name: (Singapore) - Olavs Ritenis 

Contact No: +65 9339 4536 (WhatsApp) 

Email: [email protected]